Tapparelle Cabinet on Wheels by Col?, Mustard Yellow Handcraft Solid Oak Shutter


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Tapparelle roll cabinet belongs to a collection of elements that explore the traditional technique of antan office furniture with sliding shutters no longer in use, turning them into furniture for the contemporary home with soft and unusual lines.
The base has tapered solid oak feet and sliding shutters. This cute small element on wheels can be used under a desk, or beside a bed, and can be moved with a gentle gesture. The sliding shutters, “Tapparelle” in Italian (from there comes the name of the product), specially designed for this collection, are composed in chopsticks in solid oak and hand mounted on cotton canvas, as true artisan tradition wants. The structure is in wood panel?s thickness 16 mm, with double bottom that hides the sliding of the shutter. Finishing in matte lacquered in 6 colors: Perl white, pastel blue, dramatic dark Hague blue, light blue/green, red, black, mustard yellow. Shelves are veneered in natural oak. Inside the cabinet an oak box, that can be used as a tray or a drawer. In the collection you can find small cabinets, big sideboards, and a writing desk, of course closed with “Tapparelle” shutters.


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