Small Deca Planter in Mineral by Force/Collide, 2021


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Force/Collide’s award-winning signature planter is an ongoing production with multiple colors and sizes. A unique geometric pattern that’s triangular at the top and hexagonal at the base is central to the design, both aesthetically and functionally. Complimentary geometric legs elevate it as a built-in planter stand.

For versatility, the Deca Planter is fabricated with optional built-in drainage. Each one includes drainage holes in the bottom, along with sheet metal plugs that seal to stop water for those who prefer not to put it to use. Plants can either be potted directly or left in their nursery pots and slipped in and more easily changed out. The Deca Planter comes in a powder coated finish that offers bold color accents as well as protection against corrosion.

Minis and smalls work well on tabletops as accent pieces, while mediums and larges are designed to sit on the floor for larger plants.

Mineral is a low-gloss shade of warm bluegreen akin to robin’s egg blue or seafoam.


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