Sindibad’s Voyage – contemporary abstract colourful acrylic painting 2021


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Following a BA in Fine Art at Portsmouth, Brian Bartlett was awarded a travel scholarship to the USA, where he gained his Masters Degree at the University of Eastern Illinois.

Brian said: ‘My paintings start with an idea, often of an image remembered, it might be a landscape, an interior or a still-life. As I paint, I try to reduce and simplify the image to capture and convey the mood or atmosphere it created.’

The vigorous compositions of colour and light that result create a very real sense of space. Brian’s paintings can be seen as celebrations of colour which are both decorative and sensual. Colours glow and sing with a vibrancy and sensuality that become expressions of the joy of life.

Height: 23.63 in. (60 cm)
Width: 27.56 in. (70 cm)
Depth: 1.58 in. (4 cm)


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