French Gilded Bronze Table Lamp


A fantastic 1980’s sculptural gilt table lamp by Pierre Casenove for Fondica, signed.
Heavy, cast bronze object, gilded.
The electrics have been completely reworked, 2 transversely seated sockets
with a little distance to the object ensure optimal illumination of the figure.
Handcrafted, oval shade in deep black.
All Pierre Casenove table lamps here on the platform have only one socket.
The work of the two new sockets is very complex.
For this we also have a little distance from the object and the shade does not sit on the head of the figure,
which makes the object much more effective.

Height: 25.6 in. (65 cm)
Width: 7.88 in. (20 cm)
Depth: 15.75 in. (40 cm)


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