Figurative Drawings and Watercolors A cottage – XX century, Landscape, Watercolour figurative 1994


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BARBARA DYONIZIAK-STUSS (born in 1952) She studied at the State Schools of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and in Łódź (now: Academy of Fine Arts) and graduated in 1981. She is involved in painting, drawing and graphics. „Here the lyrical debauchery follows a grotesque tenderness… Formal beauty hides the bashful humanistic essence… Female nude hides numerous basic yearnings… Children the world into temptation… Is a dream or is it real? Or maybe even something else? Behind the curtain of the canvas there is another and another one. A theme exchanges another theme, changes the original design and retreats to the starting point. An enchanted circle hidden under the mantle of a light-hearted play, or a crazed carousel of time and events… At first glance, nothing seems to happen on the pictures, they are just pleasant to look at. They explode with surprises only after a longer and closer attention paid. It is an eruption of artistic perfidiousness and numerous talents! At first a mere ‘female painting’, then the artist becomes a demon! A wonderful metamorphosis!” Andrzej Grun, art critic.

Height: 19.3 in. (49 cm)
Width: 23.23 in. (59 cm)


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