Cé Petite 12K Gold Wall Sconce Tender Pink Rayon Fringes by Studio d’Armes


Cé Petite is a contemporary wall sconce with fringes and soft curves.

Cé jostles the obvious association between fringes and lighting by unveiling a classic revisited. The inspiration came from Cécrops, who would be the first native, the founder of Athens according to Greek mythology. Spontaneously born from the earth itself, it was believed to be born half-snake half-man. Looking at the wall sconce, the fringes recall the fluidity of the snake and the disc sends us back our reflection, bringing us back to our origins. A way to honour the First Nations.

The fringes contrast their straight lines with the plush atmosphere created by the light they sift. Cé Petite forms a fabulously coherent piece worthy of the most elegant spaces in the world.

With its abridged proportions, it is ADA compliant (American with Disabilities Act).

Fringes are available in Verdigris (green), Tender Pink and Natural White
The disc is available in 12K Gold or Chrome plated steel


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