Camille Faure Art Nouveau French Limoges Yellow Green Red Enamels Copper Vase


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Early 20th century, Work of Art by the French artist Camille Fauré (1872-1952), this vase in copper is entirely covered in thick vibrant iridescent enamels in gold yellow, red, orange, and lime green tones, the drip decor creates an abstract sculpture and mixes the colors to produce gradient shades of sunny, organic, earthen and wine, plum tints that catch and multiply light reflections, a real precious jewel.
Vase opening 5/8 in.
Camille Fauré produced designs for Limoges and is especially famed for his enamels.
He spent a long apprenticeship before setting up his own workshop at Limoges, Atelier Fauré, that produced the enamels inspired by avant-garde movements. He became Limoges’ most famous and talented enamel artist. He exhibited in the 1925 International Exhibition in Paris that gave its name to Art Deco, becoming one of the first greatest creative enamellers of the period.
His work involved large floral and figurative patterns, also landscapes, often in rich colors. He perfected his technique using a copper base that was covered in multiple layers of polychrome enamels in hard, vitreous, three-dimensional geometric designs of subtle complexity and color combinations, like this particular piece.
The Art Deco pieces produced during 1925-1940 are displayed in Museums and Collections around the world.

Height: 6.9 in. (17.53 cm)
Diameter: 2.5 in. (6.35 cm)


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