Solid Wood Horn Floor Standing High Fidelity Speaker Model FS-1 by A for Ara


An embrace with the art of high fidelity sound. Aesthetically inspired, acoustically driven state-of-the-art audio equipment, unlike anything else on earth, designed and crafted in New York. Model FS-1 is a floorstanding loudspeaker designed for medium-sized rooms. Recommended spacing: eight to twelve feet between speakers. Easily integrated with existing multi-room home systems. Larger models are available with ceiling mounting for a more Minimalist aesthetic. Available with amplification for an additional $5,500.00. All models employ co-entrant horns, creating a point-source for sound that covers seven octaves. Why horns? They do for sound what a lens does for light (metaphorically speaking). They focus the sound, minimize room interactions (reflections) and greatly increase the efficiency of the speaker. Horn-loaded full-range driver, passively crossed to a bass enclosure with a front-firing long-throw 10? woofer and rear-firing 12? passive radiator. Available in passive or active configurations. Active comes with custom amplification and digital Signal processing, including remote. Designed to be placed with its back up against a wall (boundary loading). Custom horn species and base finishes available upon request. Each piece is made to order with an 8-12 week lead time. Rush delivery available.


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