Six Arms Brass Chandelier, Ivory Sage Pivot Shades, Stilnovo Style, Twelve Bulbs


Bestseller for the perfect price and size combination. For eclectic or midcentury dining room and living rooms. Enchanting 54in-135cm diameter chandelier. The 12 bulbs are providing a great light output.
Mid-century six-arm spider chandelier with a combination of ivory and just added sage color. Natural patinated brass.
Pivoting heads helps with the light distribution in the room. Upper shades contribute to the ambiance light and lower shades for the direct lights.

See last pictures to see how heads can be used. It’s my favorite thing in the house, said one of my first customers.

This version often is used in pairs to better illuminate a rectangular room.

There is a special feature on customization: double circuit (to lit up cones separately from down lights) upon request, and it’s complimentary. You can have one circuit or both dimmable to play with more light to the ceiling, on conversation before dinner, and full light on the table when dinner starts.

Height: 39.38 in. (100 cm)
Diameter: 55.12 in. (140 cm)


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