Classic Grandfather Mantel Clock, Patinated Polished Brass and Calacatta Marble


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Inspiration: The grandfather table clock was born from the grandfather floor clock. This is a piece marked by great sentimental value because it is inspired by the grandfather´s tender figure and his old clocks that accompanied our childhood. This unique piece adds a Classic and classy touch to our modern spaces. The grandfather table clock is a creation that combines this Classic beauty with a contemporary and irreverent visual that ennobles any environment. Because this piece combines feelings and memories shared throughout the world, the grandfather table clock was designed with five watches that represent five great capitals of fashion and design. (New York/ London/ Paris/ Moscow/ Tokyo). Materials: Polished Calacatta Oro marble, Hand-polished brass with patina in the backgrounds, Brass anti-stain varnish, Brass gear train mechanism, Extra clear glass. Dimensions: W 77cm (30.32″), H 86cm (33.86″), D 28.5cm (11.23″)


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